Here is a list of words that is commonly used by slot machine gamblers. You might think they had their own little world using the terminology that you can not understand. Here are the words that they use to keep them at par with their thoughts.

1. Bonus feature slot – is a kind of slot specials that offers bonus rounds which gives the player the possibility to win free spins, jackpots or a bigger price.

2. Bonus multiplier slots – a slot machine that rewards you bonuses when maximum is played. That is. betting 1 coin will give you 2 coins if you win, betting that 2 coins will give you 4 coins and so on.

3. The coin size รจ- is the coins allowed by some machines that you can play with them. The coin sizes could be .25 cents to one dollar or $ 5.

4. Coins for the – of rotation is the number of coins that some machines let the player choose before he or she wires the car. Some machines let the player choose one, two or three coin bets. Some machines only offer bonuses when you bet the maximum number of coins per spin. If you are playing a progressive slot machine, the jackpot can only be won if the maximum is played.

5. Diamond Slots – popular slot machines in Las Vegas where the symbols used are obviously diamonds.

6. – of the fruit machine a slot machine that gives out fruits as rewards, just kidding. Use the symbols of fruits such as cherries, apples, peaches, bananas, etc.

7. Loose slots machine- slot machines that are ready to pay off big to win.

8. Multiplier slots – slot machines that do not offer a bonus for playing the maximum number of spins. These slots are for people who do not want to bet the maximum number per spin.

9. One has armed the bandit – another name given to the slot machines. The name came was given because the slot machines used to have a lever pulled up on its side in the start of the reel moving.

10. Pay – cycle a slot machine that grows during loops and sometimes pays off the winnings to the players. Sometimes he takes the profit of the casinos . This is just a rumor because random number generators cannot be easily guessed. This cycle is more likely to happen in the past.

11. Paytable – the symbol table showing what combination is needed to win.

12. Pay line – the line where the symbols must be considered valid as winnings. Usually found in the middle. Now, there are slot machines that activate as many as 9 pay lines when the maximum number is played.

13. The payout percentage la- which the amount of winnings slot machines gives for every $ 100 wagered.

14. – Progressive Jackpot The slot machine jackpot grows until a player wins. When someone wins, the jackpot is restored.

15. dell’es- Display wheels of reels showing symbols.

16. Sim scans the short term – for simulated slots or slots 17

17. of the video. Slots – narrow slot machine that does not pay off the big winnings

18. Video Slots – a slot machine whose coils have been replaced by a video screen.

19. – the wild symbol in a slot machine similar to wildcards in card games.

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