Atlantic City is very famous for its tourism and the many gambling establishments that double as hotel-resorts as well. With the legalization of the game in 1978, the economy of Atlantic City took a big leap. The main revenue of this state comes from tourism, so the need for more establishments and people to cater for the growing demands of visitors is top priority. Tourism has been the profit-spring machine or the bread and butter of Atlantic City.

The best hospitality there is that Atlantic City can provide is the many gambling establishments all over the state. Poker has always been all the time favorite game in Atlantic City and the places or poker rooms in this state are among the best in the United States. Most of these poker rooms are strategically located in the famous landmarks of Atlantic City, for example along the Boardwalk and the Marina area. The best casinos offering a number of low-limit poker and daily Texas Hold’em, Omaha and 7 card poker tournaments are Harrah, Bally and Sands.

Atlantic City also offers many non-smoking poker rooms such as in Sands and Wild Wild West of Bally. For a low-limit poker game, there is the Tropicana that has a poker room especially for low-limit poker. It also televises sports events that are accessible to all angles, and the 24/7 Trop Poker Club where members can benefit up to $ 2 per hour for a game of poker. The benefit is usually for comps exclusively for members.

The triumph Taj Mahal was the first to introduce a room of non-smoking poker. It has more than seventy tables that offer a variety of poker games such as Texas Hold’em, stud and 7-card Omaha. The initial deposit starts $ 1 to $ 600. Annual events held in the Taj Mahal poker room of the Trump include daily tournaments, Hi-Low poker, the US Poker Championship and the Trump Classic. There are also free poker lessons offered to aspiring players at the Taj Mahal win and a number of other casinos.

Caesar and the casino and spa of the Borgata Hotel are the best choice for a more luxurious gaming experience when in Atlantic City.

Atlantic City is a player’s heaven for most of its casinos are truly smoke-free, offer the best of services, and food and beverages are available anytime. There is nothing compared to Atlantic City playing; the experience is just fantastic and the places are among the best in the world.

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