Admit it! Poker is all you can think about. The enthusiasm is so intense that you want to play poker over and over again. But do the poker tables at your favorite casino offer no vacant seats? Can not get enough friends to play with you? Then go ahead to the sections of the casino slot machine and get your hands on video poker!

Video poker combines elements of excitement and slot machine player wits, which makes it unique among other slot machine games. A video poker machine is similar to a regular slot machine, with all the buttons and holes in which one should insert a coin when running the machine. But once the coin inserted and the “play” button is pressed, it’s all in the strategy and the wits of the video poker player to win the game … Well, that and some luck.

The main objective of video poker is to have the best or the highest possible hand one of the pokers could have given the set of cards dealt by the computer. Usually, there is $ 0.25, $ 0.50, $ 1, or $ 5 games to choose from inside a video poker game. A video poker player can bet as much as up to five times on each round.

At the start of each round of video poker, five cards will appear on the screen with five corresponding buttons on the machine. The video poker player must select the cards he wants to “hold” by pressing the corresponding button. Cards that were not chosen can be replaced by pressing the “deal” button. If the deal results in a winning combination, the video poker player wins.

The winnings of the video poker player are transformed into credits depending on the payout schedule he selected. Once he wants to stop playing video poker, he can collect all his winnings by pressing the “Collect” button and the video poker player will automatically give all his credits.

Proper luck and strategizing are the key factors to get the best out of playing video poker. One can earn a lot of money in video poker by getting the best poker hands successively depending on the player types of the strategy and cards that are dealt by the video poker machine. There are risks involved and luck should be on your side but you could control a considerable percentage of the game by having the best strategy and poker skills you could have. All in all, video poker is one of the best ways that one could enjoy the emotions and excitement of poker alone could bring.

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